A burglar identified as Joseph Eke was almost cut in the cold hands of death but for the timely intervention of the police operatives of the Aba Central Police Station.

The 26 years old man was trapped in the pool office where he broke into to steal about N1, 635, 675 and one plasma television.

Eke is a graduate of graduate of Mass Communication from Enugu State University. He confessed that he got attracted to the sum of money the cashier at the pool office was counting when he came to the office during the day to play pool.

In his words, “I was attracted by the huge amount of money the cashier was counting in the office that I could not resist because I have not seen that amount of money before.

“I was trapped after the operation because I suspected that people were aware that somebody was robbing the office. I thank God that the police were contacted and they came and rescued me. If not, I wouldn’t have known what would have happened to me if I was caught by the mob.”