Nollywood can reunite estrange lovers together just like it did to Mbong Amata and Jeta Amata. The ex-couple came together for a new movie that is been shot in the U.S. Mbong revealed that even Akon would be involved in the movie.

The actress and the movie producer got married in 2008, they  worked on productions like Amazing Grace and Black November.  However, things went out of hands when Amata tried to influence Mbong on the type of movie roles she had to take.

 “Our beliefs made us ‘good’ people to each other but our behavior towards each other took it to a whole other level! Out here on set to support one of the best out of the continent of Africa,” Mbong Amata said.

They separated in 2013 and got their divorce finalized in 2014.

 “Her first film was ‘The Amazing Grace’. It went international. After going everywhere and putting Mbong in front of the kind of audience that I did, I felt she needed to do a bigger film than ‘The Amazing Grace’,” Jeta Amata said in an interview with My Africa Podcast, adding, “So I kept blocking every smaller film that were offered to her…Mbong got tired because I didn’t give her as much room as I should have. She is an actress, I’m a director, I insist on the kind of job she should take,” he added.