Bisi Ibidapo-Obe a.k.a. Bisi Omo Logbalogba is a star of repute in the Nigerian movie industry who has passed through thick and thin before getting to the top. She recently spoke with Gbenga Olumide about her ups and downs before reaching the stardom. Excerpts:

How was growing up like?
It was nice. I had a good care as a child. My mum told me that I had been this friendly since infancy, and that I was outspoken. In short, I had a nice time growing up.

Tell us a little about your background?
I am one of the offsprings of Ibidapo- Obe, a native of Ilesa in Osun State. I attended Mushin ‘A’ Primary School and United High School, both in Ikorodu, Lagos. That’s about it.

Why did you choose acting as a career?
I’ve always loved the entertainment industry. When I was in school, I participated fully in anything entertainment, be it dancing, drama or choreography. Anything cultural fascinates me. That was why I decided to go into acting after leaving school, and I thank God that I don’t regret that decision today.

You are one of the stars in Nollywood. How was the journey to stardom?
It was hectic. It was not too much, but not too bad either. I can, however, say with confidence that I’ve paid my dues. I’ve passed through thick and thin before getting this far.

How old are you?
I am 31 years old.

You are a beautiful lady. How do you cope with admirers, especially male ones?
I cope very well. In fact, I’m not bothered. I greet them well, I don’t insult them. I know how to handle them, how to turn them down in a very sweet and polite manner. The number keeps increasing by the day, despite the fact that I’m married now, but I’m not bothered.

So you are married now?
Yes, I’m married.

What is the name of your hubby?
Sorry, I won’t tell you.

He is a native of where?
He is from Lagos.

How long have you been acting?
About 15 years now. I was quite young when I started.

How many films have you featured in?
I just can’t remember. They are too many for me to number.

How many have you produced?
I have produced two films to the glory of God. The first was Oyinade, while the second was Omo Jesu, which has just been released. Very soon, I’m taking my people to location for another one, by God’s grace.

Apart from acting, what other work(s) do you do?
I have a shop where I sell bags of rice.

How would you compare acting 15 years ago and now?
A lot of difference has taken place. Then, there was not much in terms of returns. But now, we thank God and the improvement in technology has rubbed off acting too. There has been difference.

When do you plan to retire?
Retire? Never! This is not ajob one retires from. I can’t retire. This is a job that has been feeding me for the past one – and- a- half decades.

Something from which one has been able to ride good cars, travel abroad, become known globally. It is only death that can retire me, and I fervently pray that I grow old before time comes. Acting is my destiny, and one doesn’t run away from one’s destiny.

Most of you actresses shy away from the press, why?
It’s not that we shy away from the press, but you guys write just anything you wish about us. We would say ‘A’ now and you journalists will go and write that so… so person says ‘B’. It’s like some of you enjoy robing us scandals. This is not too good.

We are humans, we have blood running in our veins. We feel bad like any other human being whenever anything degrading is written, out of the blues, about us. That is it. Granted, some of such things may be true, but even then, there is a way you write it that people who read it don’t feel like stoning you when next they see you. An adage in Yoruba says “Pele ni ako, o si ni abo”.

What advice do you have for up-coming and aspiring actors?
I will advise them to be patient. They should always give honour to whom it is due. They should steer clear of any negative habits that could jeopardize their career, and they should move closer to the Almighty.