“YINKA Ayefele has not been arrested in the United States as being rumoured”, says Aluwe. In a phone call to us last Thursday, the comedian, who has also been the compere at all Ayefele’s shows in US, said it was not true that the musician had been arrested at all.

“Just last Wednesday morning, Ayefele spoke on FM Radio with Seun Awodele to debunk all the allegations. “Why should he be arrested,”? he querried. Rumour mill was agog last week on the purported arrest, a report Aluwe said ‘pained” Ayefele as he never expected such could be written about him.

“Nobody has reported anything about his tours, it’s only the bad news that you people quickly report. Anyway, it didn’t surprise me, just as it didn’t surprise Yinka, but we were all pained by the report. Tracing the start of the rumour to a new Jersey show that the musician did not attend, Aluwe said Ayefele acted on information that he would be prevented from performing in New Jersey by angry fans after arriving late to an earlier show.

“In far away country like this US, you will want to do everything to protect yourself, especially after you have been threatened”, he added. Ayefele was said to have arrived very late to a show in Utah, which angry fans did not take kindly to. It took a lot of pleading from him and his US promoters ,coupled with the fact that he had been booked for the show, before he was finally allowed to perform, but they promised not to allow him perform at his next show, which was to be in New Jersey.

Fearing the worst, Yinka decided to stay away from the New Jersey show, which was the genesis of the rumour. Aluwe also informed that Ayefele would still be in US till October as he had been booked to perform at Nigerian’s Independent Jam in the country.

“Those peddling rumours of his arrest can continue, Yinka will not be back until after October 1. He will shame his detractors then,” he promised.