D’Banj has finally opened up on why he bailed out 9ice with N2m to help the “Gongo Aso” rave complete his video shoots. MTV Base Award winner, D’Banj, said he gave the money to help a “cool headed friend” out of crisis, even as he still wants to help his colleagues out in the music industry.

Speaking with https://www.nigeriafilms.com at Planet 1, Maryland, while attending a fashion show, the “Mo Gbona Feli Feli” rave said he once needed help to shoot his first video, “Tongolo”, few years back, but none came his way until a friend from UK intervened.

“That was the turning point. 9ice is the current rave, N2m is not what should stop his video production.” “We are all one in this music industry, I’m just too happy to help a colleague out, that’s all,” he said.” Just few weeks back, 9ice had problems raising N2m to complete the nine shots for his video, but was only able to raise N7m.

Puffy T, the hottest video producer now, insisted on a million per shoot and wouldn’t handle the job unless 9ice came up with N9m. Eventually, words got to D’Banj on the plight of 9ice and he silently paid up the balance for him. 9ice was full of praises of D’Banj, confessing that he was surprised D’Banj, whom he never even approached, would do such.

“I did not go to anybody for assistance, so you can understand my reaction when Puffy T called that I should get ready to begin shooting as D’Banj had bailed me out.” Would you have stopped the video if D’Banj had not come in? https://www.nigeriafilms.com asked.” Of course not. What happened was that I had a wedding at hand then and wouldn’t want it to be stalled.

“I knew I would be able to raise the money after the wedding, but D’Banj has hastened my job for me. I’m excited and grateful”, he responded. As for D’Banj, “I’m no father-xmas though, but there’s no length I won’t go to help a colleague who really deserves it.” 9ice says the video will be out in few weeks.