Men! Men! Men! I am very irritated and annoyed when i hear some of you brag and boast about not being able to cook. You say ” I no sabi cook jor, na woman work be that.” Who talk say na woman work be that ? E dey Bible or Quran ? Is that something to even brag about ? The same way many of you men say you cannot marry a woman that cannot cook, we women too no fit marry una.

When I say cook, I dont mean I want you guys to pound yam or make ogbono or make fried rice oo, but if u sabi cook this type of food sha, na plus for u. When I say cook, I mean, you guys should know how to boil water, dice onion, fry egg, fry plantain, make tea and identify food ingredients/grocery.

Me and my ex thought it would be romantic if he assisted me in the kitchen to cook. So we started cooking , I wanted him to participate so am like “baby, can u pass me the powder crayfish and maggi?” My ex was like ” which one be powder crayfish and maggi ?” Can u imagine ? I no vex oo, I opted to coach him on what food ingredients are and he was like ” I am tired baby, lemme go play game. Call me wen food don done.” I asked him to help me dice onion and he said ”that’s a woman job, besides I don’t want my friends seeing me dicing onion, its embarrassing.” So I let him go play his stupid game. While I was cooking, he asked me over 100 times if the food was ready. I finally said yes and if u see d way way he rush come kitchen. He ate more than 3 plates, me way cook am eat only once. He even assisted me in eating mine. Shoooo ! which kain tin be dis ? Long-throat, lazy boyfriend like him.

My current bf no fit cook excellently, but he is willing to learn or help me out in doing one or two things in the kitchen and he learnt how to boil water and fry egg. E no try ? I can marry a guy who can at least do simple things even when am out of town. Unlike some guys who would rather their wives/girlfriend spend 7 hrs cooking and stocking up the freezer with different dishes for them b4 she travels. A male friend of mine on facebook, recently posted pictures of his culinary skills on fb and I was amazed at his skills.That dude can cook, even better than me. Thats the kind of man that should come out if they are calling out real/complete men, not the ones that can’t boil water and put too much maggi and salt in egg.

Pls Men, learn this basic skillz. Its romantic and could make any woman fall for you and it could also relieve us from some cooking task. Kudos to the guys who are excellent cooks and the guys who at least make an effort to learn. And kudos to the girls who can cook and teach their men. And for the women who can’t cook, the topic is for another day.