Wow, things are beginning to get interesting in our society these days with the constant odd news that continues to trend each day.

 The latest in going round has it that one time Nollywood actor, Kayode Ogunyemi, who was famous for his role in the now rested popular series, ‘Doctors Quarters,’ is currently doing fine and has since gotten married.

What has sent many lips wide open is that rather than be a role model to young and upcoming stars, he has rather turned the industry into a laughing stock after his wedding pictures emerged showing that he got married to a man.

Hmm, such wedding in Nigeria will attract 14 years imprisonment but the bros tied the knot with his Irish lover, Keegan, in 2015 and they have been living happily ever.

Interestingly, he is now addressed as Mr Kayode Keegan as he now lives with his husband in the United Kingdom. So he is now the woman.