Ejezie Emeka Rollas is a Nigerian actor, movie producer, director and managing director of Rolling Pictures Ltd, a movie production and artiste management company. Mike Segawa spoke to him.

Can you tell us some of the movies in which you have starred?
Naomi, Not My Wealth, Anointed, Last Warning and Last Weekend, among others.

How did you go into acting?
I started acting in 1997 while in school. I have a flair for acting and I used to organise talent shows. After graduating in Mass Communication in 1993 at the Federal Polytenic Oko, Anambra State, I was introduced to film making by a friend – Nonye Oke Chukwu. My first film was Hilda, The Mighty Woman, and I have not looked back.

In your analysis, how far will Nollywood go with the type of movies you guys make?
Nollywood has come to stay. It has opened a window of opportunity and employment for thousands of people. Every year, between 270,000 to 300,000 are employed by the industry. This is the second private industry employer after oil in Nigeria. We release 65 movies every two weeks.

How many films do you have to your name?
65 movies. This is not possible elsewhere. But since we are creative and use different formats and styles, we move on quickly with our projects.

You said you want to work with the Ugandan movie industry; in what capacity?
One of the reasons I am here is to see how we can work together. But this does not mean I am looking for opportunities in Uganda, because we have not covered Nigeria yet. Back home, we have 150 million people and we invite Ugandans to come and take advantage of it. We also want Ugandan businessmen to come to Nigeria and buy rights of distribution. That’s why we work with the Uganda Film Federation so as to see that we are on a win-win level.

What’s your take on movie awards?
We don’t have a particular film awards programme for Nigeria. But we have the AMA – the Africa Academia Movie Awards. I am going to invite Ugandan actors and actresses to attend the upcoming event as a way of learning how to organise the next awards event and to see the quality of movies presented for those awards.

Are you married?
I am married to Ngozi Chinasa Okwu and we have two daughters.

What are your interests?
Travelling and staying indoors. My favourite food is foo foo.