Wonders indeed shall never end. When you see men live in mansions and flaunt their cars you would hardly tell were they got the money from especially when they do not have a genuine source of income?

People are looking for a way out some recession. Some have taking to corrupt practices like stealing, embezzlement, among others while some others resort to rituals.

An unidentified person shared the photo of some men who went unclad and stood beside some coffins for their money making rituals in an undisclosed location.

“You will see dem in town driving big cars  ?, living in big houses with no legitimate source of income. This is what dey do in secret just to entice ladies who are after men with ‘money’ even to the detriment of their soul. Our sisters should curtail their love for material things as dirty money comes with many troubles for it beneficiaries.”

This is clearly a sign of an end time as the love for money has greatly increased.