Marriage is not a bed of rose; every marriage has its ups and down as there is no such thing as a perfect marriage.

Not everyone is blessed with the choice of partner they have always envisaged, but due to circumstances or compromises, some decision about marriage is made.

Mercy Aigbe is one person that might have had her rough day’s relationship wise, before finally been blessed with the man of her dreams.

Some marriages are often faced with the drama of the husband been a control freak and always wanting their wives to be dependent on them.

As much as we have this kind of men is as much as we have men that let their wives be themselves and stay as a supporter.

This happens to be the category the husband of popular actress, Mercy Aigbe falls in.

In a recent post she disclosed her husband lets her be herself and gives her all the support she needs.

 In her words: “most Nigerian men don’t want their wives to outshine them. Maybe its ego, I don’t know. They always want you to be dependent in them for everything you want. But my husband believes in me and gives me total support.”