Nigerian Nollywood actress mercy Johnson has just gotten a new job as she has been contracted by Mr. Chef as the company’s brand ambassador.

Mr. Chef is a company that specializes in the production of food seasoning generally classified as ‘Maggi’ by Nigerians and also they are into the production of cooking salt.

The production of this highly consumptive product is carried out by royal salt limited.

The Chairman of Royal Salt, Chief Reggie Uduhiri, said that the reason to which the company is taking the actress as their brand ambassador is because of her ideal personality that encapsulates what the Mr. Chef brand stands for.

“Mercy Johnson is a good homemaker, a good wife and a prolific actress that appeals to almost everyone. She is better suited to help us spread the message to Nigerians on the joy that Mr. Chef brings to homes beyond adding taste to life,” Uduhiri said.

Mercy Johnson had previously held the position of the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on entertainment, arts and culture to Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state.