The Nigerian Airforce has expanded its frontiers to also include movie making.

The youngest arm of the Nigerian Armed Forces partnered with Nollywood for an action thriller centered around the true accounts of the tragic experiences involving an Air Force fighter pilot who was caught in the heat of insurgency.

The result of the collaboration which is between Nigerian Air Force Investments Limited (NAFIL) and Nollywood is called ‘Eagle Wings.’ The movie was shot in Kaduna, Borno, Abuja among others, in a bid to better showcase activities of the military through motion picture.

Produced and directed by Paul Apel Papel, the movie is the first of its kind in Nigeria, in terms of technical excellence and realism in the portrayal of the Nigerian military. According to Enyinna Wigwe, one of the actors who featured in the movie, the Nigeria Air force gave the cast and crew all the props needed for the movie, including auto rifles, fighter jets, manpower, sophisticated rifles, camouflage outfits, armoured vehicles etc.