The rate of kidnapping in Nigeria has been very alarming as a suspected female kidnapper was nabbed at the Ojuwoye Market, in the Mushin area of Lagos State on Saturday.

The suspect who was almost lynched by angry mob but for the timely intervention of police from Olosan division has refused to state her name or her place of residence.

It was gathered that the suspect was smart to take the children who was laid on the floor by their mother, Modinat, while she attends to her daily customers. The children are Hammed Rasheed (six years old) and Farida Raheed (two years old).

The suspect on getting away was stopped by a resident who knows the children. She asked the suspect few questions and perceived some foul play then she raised an alarm and got the attention of people.

According to a witness identified as Saheed Bayedun, said, “The children’s mother is a trader in the market. She left the children to attend to a customer. The kidnapper, who is about 22 years old, sneaked in and took them away before the mother suspected anything.

“She used a piece of cloth on the floor to strap the younger girl, Farida, to her back, and held Hammed by the hand. She was escaping from the vicinity when someone challenged her.

“The person raised the alarm when she couldn’t give a satisfactory response. A mob gathered and rescued the children before beating her to a pulp.

“She asked for palm oil, but nobody gave her. She later confessed that there were six of them recruited to kidnap children. She said they all came from Osogbo, Osun State, and were mandated to abduct eight children each. She said she had already abducted six children and was about getting the remaining two when she was caught.”

Confirming the incident was the Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, he said that investigation was ongoing as the suspects is currently held in police custody .