Monica Friday advocates for improvement in actors’ welfare

Actress Monica Friday has advocated for an improvement in the welfare of actors in Nigeria’s movie industry.

Addressing stakeholders in Nollywood, the content creator agitated for an increment in the fees of artists to crew members.

In a recent interview, Friday said, “I will like to see more of life-transforming stories. I will also love to see an improvement when it comes to the welfare of actors, ranging from the fees of artists to crew members. I look forward to collaborations with other industries as well. As a producer, it could be difficult having access to some places.”

Commenting on the frequent death cases in the industry, the actress dismissed the possibility that something was wrong with Nollywood spiritually.

She, however, urged actors to move closer to God because life after earthly death is important.

She said, “Regarding the losses (deaths) this year in Nollywood, the only advice I can give practitioners is that they should embrace genuine repentance, and serve God in spirit and in truth. People die every day, even outside the industry. But, life after death matters. Having eternity in view should be a priority.”

Friday, who often prays in Pidgin English on social media, insisted that she had no regrets projecting her spiritual side. She said, “I have no regrets at all. My Instagram channel is dedicated solely to praying for entertainers.

“Projecting my spiritual side on social media has brought lots of people to God, with mind-boggling testimonies. Meanwhile, that has not stopped ‘the right jobs’ from coming. At the moment, I have a lot coming. God promised me that if I project him openly, he will make me fulfilled.”