Rita Edochie, Chinwe Owoh appeal to Nigerians to stop attacking Junior Pope’s wife

Nollywood actresses, Rita Edochie and Chinwe Owoh have appealed to Nigerians to stop attacking Jennifer Awele, the wife of their late colleague, Junior Pope.

The message was sent to Nigerians in a viral video captured at the late actor’s burial in Enugu State on Friday.

Noting that misunderstandings happen in every home, the actresses begged Nigerians to let the bereaved wife mourn her husband.

The actresses were reacting to speculations that Junior Pope and his wife were not on good terms before his unfortunate death.

Chinwe Owoh said, “Junior Pope’s wife, they should leave her alone! There’s nobody who doesn’t have misunderstandings in their home. Even if they had misunderstandings, they should leave that girl alone. Leave her alone to bury her husband quietly for his soul to rest in peace.”

Rita Edochie inferred, “And who even said they were having issues? Junior Pope is gone. Everybody is saying different versions of what they want.

“I beg God to accept his soul. He’s a good man, one person with no form of discrimination against any human being. Anywhere he is, if spirits can see, he should protect his family. People who are saying he was killed are the killers in charge of their own lives? People should stop talking rubbish.

“Social media has done more harm than good. Someone that’s full of life lost his life, but instead of them to rest, they’re stressing his wife again. Every mouth in charge of this foul information, God will judge you. Leave someone who is innocent to have peace of mind.”