Still in engrossed in deep mourning, Kehinde Oshadipe has released a tribute song for her twin sister, Taiwo Oshadipe who passed on late last year.

Reports however say Kehinde could hardly record the song as she cried hard in between studio sessions.

All through the sessions, Kenny was crying and saying it’s been very hard to live without Taiwo and those who even tried to console her in the studio broke down in tears as they heard her lyrics.

“Staring at a blank sheet. Trying to find my heart beat. And suddenly. It dawned on me you’re gone. It seems as if you still here. I can still feel you so near. Everything reminds me of you. The love we share. The pains we bear. The memories we had. And how I’m I gonna live without you.

Mirror mirror. Where is my reflection. Cant just find a word. To describe all that you are. Ha! Ole o (its Hard). Afi kolouwa ranmi lowo (unless God Helps me). But you told me to be strong. To know I have to move on. I’m trying hard to be strong. I have unfulfilled dreams inside of me…..”And it went on…

Late singer Taiwo Oshadipe who died on Friday October 3, 2014 was buried on October 15 at Victoria Court Cemetary, Lekki. She has a baby boy before her painful death.