This is certainly not the best of times for acclaimed Nigerian dance queen, Kaffy Ameh and the reason is not far-fetched.

The proud mother of two lost her mum, few hours ago. Still grieving over her sudden death, she penned down heart-melting tribute on her Instagram page to eulogise the woman.
“I remember every smile, I remember every wink of your eye, I remember how you move and turn heads in parties. I remember how heavy you were with my brother in your womb, yet you organized the best one year birthday for me.

“I remember the good, the bad, the wealth of experience. I remember a lot more than tears will allow my shaking hands write and I thank you, for everything has made me who I am today. It hurts that this day has come sooner than expected, but God knows best.

“Rest well as you are now in His care forever. Goodbye mum, my dance queen,” she wrote.