Charly Boy is not one man you can gag! That is rarely impossible because he is not scared of speaking out. Can you imagine what he said about women living in Abuja?

He said: ”Remember back in the days, when we used to hear about “bottom power”; how some women screwed their way up to reckoning as either a girlfriend or someone’s kept mistress. These days stories like that may have diminished a bit due to the harsh reality of our economy. Jungle don mature, men no dey so drop for women again like before. Many men are all in hiding, running away from women, especially those carrying shopping list, invoice booklet or those who come as extra baggage with multiple choice problems. OMG Kai!!!!!”

He went on to say “P***yfication. About 89% of dem. Some dey carry invoice, receipt book, some Na pay as you go, some go send you bills or account details. I lie? ashawo full Abuja, Biko.”