Its been a trending topic on Women Disrespectng their husbands but give much respect to their pastors and this has caused some major issues in homes today as more especially Nigerian women love, respect, and honor their Pastors more than their husbands.

Some men are of the opinion that they can’t have a wife in the house and all she talks about is her Pastor while others are of the opinion that there is no justification for loving, honoring and respecting your pastor while you deny your husband of such honor.

A lady with the twitter handle @steadi_lady, Dr Atinuke has taken to her page to concur to the age long rumour of how married Nigerian ladies are obedient towards their pastors but they offer little or nothing towards their husbands.

Here’s what she wrote,

“Most married Nigerian women listen to their pastor more than their husband

“Our pastor said…” Daddy church wipe…”

Do you agree with her?