A Nigerian Psychologist Ojoro Olumofin caused a social media meltdown when he asked Nigerian women this simple question.


He wanted to know if they will date a man called ,Akin with Msc.Phd, yet jumping from one motorbike to another still struggling but faithful. The psychologist wanted to know if substance still matter in our generation.

Hear his story: @I met a young qualified man some months ago and he expressed his dismay and disappointment at his inability to get married up till now even though he has been ready for the past 2 years, the challenge is that the women he would love to walk down the aisle with don’t want to touch him with a 10-footpole because he doesn’t have a car, takes a bus to work, jumps on okada(bike) often to get to work, makes less than 70,000 naira (300 dollars) a month”

 It’s such an irony and also very sad that there are a lot of young hardworking, bright ,qualified men out there who are ready to get married or settle down but are constantly overlooked and ignored because they don’t have some luxury or a certain type of lifestyle. Education and bright ideas were golden in the time of our parents but now as a result western exposure, social media, Instagram Gratification, cable TV etc money ,cars, clothes ,current job title play a major role in finding a husband or boyfriend.

 Some ladies would rather date a man who has money and cheats on them then a man who is faithful but struggling. I recently heard of a lady who postponed her wedding because she didn’t want to get married in Ikeja because her friends don’t like crossing 3rd mainland bridge & thought her initial wedding venue was “random / basic” What happened to bright ideas? Ambition? Love? Sensitivity ?

A lot of ladies today are single because if “AKIN” should approach them with his 70,000 salary and his bright ideas they would say God forbid bad thing my parents didn’t send me to school to settle for such a man. Substance lasts over material as history as always shown. Have reasonable standards and take chances

Will you date or marry Akin?@


Someone responded “Marry what you desire. Some married wealthy and are enjoying while some are suffering. Some that married a broke ass with certificates and ideas; are enjoying while others that did the same are suffering. Some broke ass men cheat, some rich cheat. Some broke ass don’t cheat, some rich don’t cheat. Marry what you like. Don’t allow sentiments of “I will make it in the future direct your path”. If you want rich, go for rich….if you want broke with ideas, go for it”