The last time I talked about watching Mount Zion ‘Christian’ movies, perhaps I sounded as if I would never watch another one again. Here, I concluded the 4th CD / part-2 of their film titled THE STORMY SEAS.

This is a good one. I say it again, it is a good one.

At least, there are no juju scenes in this one, which usually pisses me off, especially when the movie is called Christian. Written by Mrs. Bamiloye herself, her husband didn’t feature in it except as director. A short review:

The going was once good between a Christian wife and her unbelieving husband, until he lost his job. He was roped into a dirty deal at work, for which he wasn’t too vigilant. He had been known to fight corruption, but this time, things caught up on him and he was caught red handed. Hubby was fired and then the hard realities began.

The pressures of a jobless husband soon caught up with wifey. Soon NGN50,000.00(fifty thousand Naira) was missing in the home of 5(including the housemaid), and at last it was her husband that took the money. She had to let out her frustration on her husband and while she was at it, the pastor paid the family a visit. She realized her wrong doing, but by then, a pissed off husband decided to go back to his friends who got him drunk.

Our Christian wife soon retraced her steps through prayer and counselling from the pastor, decided to change, re-discovered God all over and soon won over her husband who had decided he wouldn’t eat at home anymore until he got a job. Her brother in-law was also there to guide her spiritually. Husband was all too surprised things were changing in his wife, especially as she took initiative to sustain the home financially.

As their relationship improved, husband decides to ask his wife one night about what exactly had happened to her. She told him t’was all Jesus, and he asked if she could ask the same God who changed her to change him too. He gave his life to Christ, that night as his wife led him to in prayer.

Things got more and more better in his Christian walk. Their pastor encouraged both of them to launch out in faith together and start doing something worthwhile instead of he(husband) looking for work afresh. Miraculously, he got a head start from his former company where he was fired from, and his wife surprised him the more by footing the bill for their new shop(business office).

As part of her endeavour to set her way right with God, she asked her husband, that they both go see his mother, as she(wife) wanted to reconcile with her(mother in-law), regarding something she(wife) did to offend the elderly woman in times past when she had come to visit. The home going went well, and soon the whole family was happy again.

Husband’s own past soon began bothering him. He had been forced by his mother and village heads to marry another girl secretly, so as to procreate further. Now that he had found Christ, on his own, he went back to the village, told the girl off and informed his mother about his decision. His mother would not agree.

Husband decided to tell his wife, not knowing what her reaction would be. She took it all personal, was emotionally devastated, cried all night and left home the next morning, not informing anyone where she was headed to. Thank God for the pastor and GSM, he invited her to come pay him and his wife a visit.

Amidst much counsel, there was encouragement that she should be happy that her husband has now found Jesus, besides, his(husband’s) willful disclosure of his past was a victory for her home. Husband was also in the pastors house that same evening. He came out from his hiding place, and the pastor and his own wife used the opportunity to reunite the couple and pray for them.

That’s about what the movie had to say.


First: ‘The day you loose your job as a husband is when your wife becomes a woman’. When you have money in the bank, she’s just a girl.

Doesn’t money answer all things including love in the home?

Ladies, have your say on this one.

Second: What I heard of in the past was that if a woman does not have a male child, she might be forced out of her home by her husband/his family, he would look elsewhere and thats when a second wife would come into the picture – if she refuses to leave. So usually, immediately a wife has a male child, she is sure she is married! Much ado about tradition.

Now this one is new: ‘after two children(one boy and one girl), mama from the village says the children are not enough’, and then encourages her son to look for another woman for ‘further procreation.

Problem dey o!. Please share your thoughts!