Popular Nollywood actor, John Okafor aka Mr. Ibu has cleared the air on an alleged romantic relationship with a female fan. A female fan had posted a photo of herself with Mr. Ibu on Instagram and purportedly claimed to have had a one-night stand with him.

While the comic actor admitted taking a photo with the fan, he vehemently denied being amorously linked with her.

He disclosed that the female fan swore that she only posted the photo but did not mention anything about a s—al relationship.

The Punch quoted him as saying, “The woman approached me to take a picture with me alongside her husband. She said she happily posted those pictures she took with me without any write – up . It was when a blog carried the picture that a write -up appeared from nowhere.

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“I initially called the police to arrest the woman, but she came to my house with her family to apologize that she would not have posted the picture had she known it would cause trouble. She swore that she would not have a child if she ever wrote anything evil about me. I believed her. I told her that she did nothing wrong by posting the picture .”

Mr. Ibu described the incident as the handiwork of detractors, urging Nigerians not to believe everything they read on the internet.

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He said, “I know that I have enemies. They were the ones who put that write -up to tarnish my image, but they can never succeed because I have never stepped on anybody ’s toes and I will never do it. I only want to upgrade people and make them happy.

“Some people are trying to pull me down. I ’ve witnessed instances where hackers used my account to defraud other people and upload all sorts of nonsense about me. But I always tell people that I am not the owner of those accounts.”