Anita Raey a Kenyan OAP has forewarned her future to ensure he does not break her heart otherwise he would see the other side of her.

Anita who has been in series of failed relationships said she would not tolerate any form of nonsense in the new relationship as she warned her “Mr right” to thread with caution.

According to her write up in her social media page, ‘I know every man who wants to date me is on Facebook. So I will use this platform to deliver this message…. I have let a few of you men break my heart..Am angry coz I never learn and will still love another of your species… But I swear if one more man breaks my heart… I will put him through the same shiet… I will f*ck you up so bad you will wish death.

The OAP said that although she may have got it hard on her fans or whoever the Mr right is, but she is definitely a good person with a warm and kind heart.