Mummy GO who has gone viral recently with her hell-threatening sermons is back again as she comes hard on those celebrating Valentine’s day. Controversial preacher, Fumilayo a.k.a Mummy GO has condemned people celebrating Valentine’s day.

The preacher known for threatening people with hellfire, said the circumstance surrounding Valentine’s day doesn’t deserve to be celebrated.

Mummy Go, she sees no reason why the story of Valentine deserves celebration.

According to FIRSTPOST, It is believed that Valentine’s Day has its origin in ancient Rome, when the feast of Lupercalia was celebrated from 13 February to 15 February. A goat and a dog were sacrificed by men on these days and women were whipped with the hides of the sacrificed animals as it was believed that this will make them fertile.

During the festival, a matchmaking lottery would also be carried out. Men would draw names of women from a jar and would couple up with that woman for the duration of the festival, or even longer.

While the feast of Lupercalia was a commonly ritual, it was in the 3rd century A.D. when Valentine’s Day got its name. Emperor Claudius II had ordered Saint Valentine, a priest who helped Christian couples in getting married, to be executed. Emperor Claudius II was against the marriage of single men and ordered that Saint Valentine should be beheaded. The execution happened on 14 February. It is also said that while St. Valentine was imprisoned, he took care of the jailor’s blind daughter and even wrote her a card which said ‘from your Valentine’.

In the 5th century, Pope Gelasius expelled the pagan rituals of Lupercalia and combined it with St. Valentine’s Day. Once the pagan rituals were gone, St. Valentine’s Day celebrations grew more romantic in nature. The festival became all about love and intimacy. Popular poets such as Geoffrey Chaucer and William Shakespeare also began to popularise this day by writing sweet things about love and passion.