While some stars try so hard to stay away from controversies, some are busy swimming in it. One of the people in the latter group is Timaya, the self acclaimed Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa.

The crooner who many thought was warming up to settle down following his controversial breakup with actress Empress Njamah sometime last year, has this time given birth to another controversial surprise.

Just recently, rumour swirled round the industry about Timaya’s romance with an alleged Abuja lover who it was said is pregnant for him.

According to the report, Timaya was full of joy when the news reached him and even started spreading the good news as an expectant father. He even declared his intention to allegedly marry the lover.

An impeccable source informed us that the plantain boy, as Timaya is fondly called, recently dumped the girl.

According to the source, his reason is that she lost the pregnancy few weeks after. And Timaya,we learnt,got furious about the whole thing, referring to her as bad luck for allegedly losing his first baby.

We also learnt that the message sent to Timaya on his Blackberry messenger was the result of the pregnancy scan that revealed the baby’s identity as a boy, which was the real reason he allegedly asked her to keep the pregnancy.

Current investigation revealed that ever since this occurrence, Timaya has ceased to have anything to do with her.