Nigerian dancehall singer, Cynthia Morgan is a singer known for her gangster portraying personality. The electrifying singer who is mostly in the news for negative reasons have being a bit calm recently as she has being living on a low key.

When the singer started wearing a red hair over two years ago many went gaga and fans trolled her.

Gradually it became her signature look which many finally adjusted to.

 The singer, who has never really opened up on how the red hair story emerged, has just bared it all out.

In a recent interview with Vibe Magazine where she covered their February edition, she disclosed that her manager had enforced the look on her.

She said: “People do not know that part of me. I am a very quiet person. I would never wear red hair. I was shooting a video and I said “can you just get 1 red hair…” just to use it as a costume and then the next thing my manager wanted me to be wearing red hair forever… (Laughs) I was like “really?”

So it got to a point, I went for a wedding and when my stylist packed my bag, they purposely packed only the red hair so I didn’t have any other option than to wear my red hair…I took a picture with it and it got on blogs that I had started wearing red hair so I had to stick it. And then it got to a point, I liked it…(Jocularly) If you even tell me to take it off, I’m gonna say no…Red hair is mine. (Laughs)”