Nollywood actress, Chichi Gabriel better known as Ashandi, is not the face regularly being talked about in the media like her other colleagues. Those who know her like the back of their hands say this actress is a volcano waiting to erupt.

Ashandi, who has featured in movies like Alayaki, Omoge, Skelewu and many others, believes her “bo0bs and beautiful face” are the things that stand her out from many, which is why she is one of the most sought after actresses in the Yoruba film circle.

The actress also believes she does not have to dress provocatively to get the attention of men like some ladies in her industry do. To her, she wearing a bikini is a piece of cloth she might not consider because it shows too much of her body meant for a special being.

“I don t like exposing my body, I believe not until when you expose your body that will make a man to like or love you,” she told News Watch.