Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, may have used her hands to invite trouble for herself after she announced that she was searching for a man who can be her Kanye West, recently.

The actress made a vivid analysis of how the American singer cares for his wife and stands by her every minute and at event and hoped that she could get such a man in her life but some men may have read various meaning to her loud thoughts as she began receiving various messages from suitors.

The actress picking one of the messages as an example blasted some of the men noting that they lack understanding of her message which is why they were sending annoying direct messages (DM) to her.

In her words, “What is this nonsense? Please all you “kanye” applicants should STOP applying, filling my DM and inbox with rubbish (besides I detest men who are not intelligently sound whether when we get married and are stuck in a room forever, it is how much money you have, we will be discussing). The fact you don’t even understand my message shows you shouldn’t even think of contacting me

“Please I am only responsible for what I write not what you understand. Please things are never what they seem to be. Am still tighter, yes tighter than the most decently dressed single lady you know yes yes yes, you can quote me still.”