Elizabeth Moses aka Lisa C, an up-and-coming gospel music artiste tells ‘NONYE IWUAGWU why she is into show business and what she intends to achieve in the nearest future

You look like somebody who has traces of foreign blood in her veins.

People ask me that all the time. I am a full blown Nigerian without any foreign blood in me. I can understand why they ask. Since I am very light and my hair is very long, most people think I am a mulatto. But I am not. I inherited my complexion from my dad. He is light- skinned as well.

But is the colour of your skin natural or do you ‘tone’ it with cream?

Ha! I don’t bleach. This is just my complexion. I only use a good cream to maintain my skin.

Why did you take up music as a career?

I would say I am gifted. I love singing and I have a passion for good music. Most importantly, I believe that is my call. I was destined to sing and there is nothing I can do about it.

Did you start from the church, like most musicians?

Yes. I was a chorister. I am still a chorister.

Why didn’t you stick to the choir then?

I don’t think my voice is just meant for a particular locality. I don’t have to confine my voice to my church alone. I had to look for a way to let my voice get across to many people in other parts of the country.

Did you also think of the money that comes along with being a professional musician?

Of course. I would need the money to propagate this work. I would need money to go to the studios for the recordings and all that. Then again, I have a vision to help the less privileged. I am going to use proceeds from my album to do that. My songs are more of soul-lifting songs. I sing and tell people to believe in themselves and make them understand that there is still hope for them.

One might say you got into music to become a star?

I am already a star. Even if the world do not see me that way, I am one. You cannot light a lamp and put it under a table. As far as I believe in God and what he has put inside me, there is no way my mission will not be noticed.

Is this your first album?

This is actually a repackaging of the first album, Remarkable. But the album was just for the people in my church. However, this new album, Unstoppable, contains all the tracks in the first album and few of my songs. You can still say I have two albums anyway.

Why are you doing gospel music?

You can only give what you have. I am a Christian. If there is anything that I have to give and that would add value to somebody’s life, then it is gospel music. I see it as part of my life. Trying to do something else would be hypocrisy. It will not work.

Since we have a lot of musicians in Nigeria, how do you intend to cope with the competition?

If you believe in yourself and you believe you are not in any competition, then the sky is just a starting point for you. I know that my voice will certainly set me apart from the others. I strongly believe that I stand out from the rest.

What else do you do apart from music?

The major thing I do is music, though I do some little things around. I see music as my main focus.

Are you married?

Yes, I am happily married.

Does your husband support your career?

Oh yes he does! He believes in what I do. He believes in the voice and he believes in the grace of God upon my life. I am actually under his label.

How long have you been married?

We have been married for six years.

Do you have any child?

No, not yet. I know the kids will come soon. God is in control.

Do men still ‘toast’ you?

There is no way men would not admire a woman. I still get admired my men. People can admire you for a whole lot of things. It could be physical attraction or it could be for some other reasons. That is part of life. I don’t see it as a big deal.

Do you succumb to their advances?

No way! I don’t have to. I am a Christian and I believe in my marriage. I believe in fidelity.

So you are born again?

By the grace of God.

Some people become born-again Christians out of frustration or because they desperately want something from God. In your own case, what was it?

I didn’t design it. God designed it and He came into my life at the appropriate time. I am blessed. I became born again when I was young. I was just 15.

Are you saying you did not live a wild life?

No, I did not. That alone should tell you that God has great plans for me. I am very inexperienced in that kind of life. Then again, my father was very strict. We hardly had friends, even female friends.

So your husband was your first boyfriend?

It depends on what you mean. I had friends in my secondary school but I didn’t have any sexual relationship with them. I would say my husband was my very first boyfriend.

Your husband is not Igbo?

No. He is not. He is from Akwa Ibom state. And before you ask, my parents didn’t have a problem with the idea that I was marrying somebody who is not Igbo. They were okay with the relationship.

What do you hope to achieve in future?

I don’t think I want to get to the point in my life where I would be referred to as, ‘she used to be a singer’. I want to continue to be a blessing to my generation. I want to be a reference point and make an impact in peoples’ lives. That would give me fulfilment above every other thing, including fame and money. I want to be an encouragement to the youths.