Sir T is a young man who just graduated from school. He has been dating Linda for the past five years, They were in the same school. He never tried to know where Linda came from graduates from school. He never called her parents. Linda in the other hand has another boyfriend who is a trader in one of the Nigerian super cities. His name is Emeka. Emeka promised to marry Linda as soon as she graduates from School. He kept his promise and married Linda.

Sir T, the lover boy juts found out that Linda is married to Emeka. He concluded within himself that Linda must thought she is smart by doing that. He believes Linda should have waited for him instead of marrying Emeka who saw her through school expenses.

Likely Scenario stumbled on Sir T’s message on the internet and decided to help him understand what happened.
Here is our Likely scenario for the smart Sir T.

Read his message first

We had been dating right from School and we had smooth relationship for almost 5years until last year that things went soar. She started avoiding me, which I knew but pretended as if I didn’t know. This year May ie May, 2010, she told me she can not continue with the relationship which I took with pleasure and three months after ie August, 2010, she got married to her ex-boyfriend.

1) What do u think happen with the above scenario? Don’t u think she had been seeing her ex-boyfriend while we were still dating?

2) If u were Her ex-boyfriend ( now husband), will u still marry her after leaving u for someone ( in this case me) for 5 years?

3) Why do ladies think they are wiser than guys when actually they are not?


LINDA : Emmy, i am going to miss you so much now that i am going to school.

EMEKA : I know , Just take care of yourself in the school. I heard there are a lot of bad boys there. Just do what they say and you will be fine. We will get married as soon as you graduate. I promise.

LINDA. oK darling. I cant wait to graduate so we can be together forever.

[The following day, Linda goes to the university where she met Sir T, The cult leader.]

Sir T : Linda listen, You must be my girl friend , I am the only one who can protect you here. I am the leader of the AYE boyz in this campus. Its either you agree or you die.

Linda : [After considering the part of advice where Emeka told her to do what they said, agrees to day SIT T] Ok Sir T. I will be your girlfriend.

[They dated for 5 year, Sir T never cared to know anything about Linda, He dont even know where Linda goes during the breaks and Holidays]

[After the final year exams, Linda ran back to Emeka the Trader, and marry him. Sir T just discovered through a friend, and ran to the internet to tell us how stupid Linda is.]

Sir T : Hey guys and girls, My girlfriend thought she is smart. She married another man. blablabla

Sam Milla : You are such a stupid person. Who is smart between you both ? Who got what he/she wanted ?