Where was ‘Ramsey Boy’ rushing to?

AMEBO was late for Nollywood actor Leo Mezie’s wedding reception at the Chinese Restaurant inside National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, so he had to beat his tuke tuke car to do what it’s not used to doing — speeding. At the intersection on Agbonyin Street leading to Adekunle Kuye, a black Toyota sped past on a breakneck speed. The yellow paw paw face of Nollywood star Ramsey Nouah flashed past in a split second. It seemed Ramsey boy was much more in a hurry than your darling AMEBO, but then, I had a problem with his speeding habit. Remember it was the same Ramsey that over sped on his power scooter some couple of years ago that led to a near fatal accident (and the bobo lost some teeth). Now, he is speeding like he is world racing champion Michael Schumacer. Please, if you are close friend, advise him o, tell him to remember the famous warning Nigerian legendary footballer Thunder Balogun’s wife gave him before he took that mythical shot … remember your left o.

Frank Dallas guy guy waka

I was tempted not to report this piece, but I could not resist the temptation. Saw Nollywood actor Frank Dallas on Friday night at celebrity hangout in Surulere spotting a baggy jean trousers and a tight fitted shirt. He was swaying from side to side like one who just alighted from a ship. He swayed up to AMEBO and struck a pose. Nice outfit Frank D, but I have a question for you; have you fixed the broken car windows? The one robbers broke when they attempted to snatch the money meant for payment of your crew sometime ago. If you have, then all is well, but if you have not, then I will advise you to do so, because the monies you spend on buying designer jeans and shirts could do for the window. Na advise I give o.

Sonny McDon walks for HiTV now?

RAN into Nollywood producer and actor Sonny McDon recently at HiTV office, Ikeja. We greeted and gave each other the normal caution sign of the bearer of salt not wishing for rain to fall etc. The next day, I saw McDon in the same office, same for the day after. Then AMEBO eyebrows began to raise as usual. He was tempted to ask if McDon now works with HiTV since he resumes like staff and close the same time everybody closes. But wait o, wetin AMEBO dey do dia wey im dey see Sonny every day? Time will tell.

… Lancelot too
JUST like Sonny McDon, Nollywood producer Lancelot Imasuen has turned HiTV office to his second home. AMEBO for some weeks now have been sighting Lancelot almost on a daily basis. When I queried him, he said he was ‘cooking’ something with the Pay TV company. Hmmm, anyway, anytin wey dey waka for bush dey enta inside town one day. Time will tell.

Essence’s earrings

I was watching singer Essence on TVC last week, as she was being interviewed by Labi in her lunch break programme. Aside the fact that Essence is now as big as a Michelin man, she was spotting a gigantic earring that was giving her some discomfort moving her head. Someone swore she saw sweat beads welling up on her forehead. Why she no go sweat? Dose earring na for giantess not an Essence. Please my dear, cut down on giant earrings, I no wan hear o.

At Leo Mezie’s Wedding

IF you were not at Leo Mezie’s wedding reception then you missed a lot because I thought I knew Leo but on that day, I realised I did not know him well enough. Leo has arrived, and that is authoritative news. Drinks and Chinese food were flowing like tap water. I sat amazed as Chinese rice on hot hissing wooden plates were flying over my head like no man’s business. Wait o, e be like Leo don hamma, if not no be just film money im take do dat gbedu wey I take my eyes see dat day. A detractor was mentally calculating the cost of the wedding reception and he put it at conservatively N1 million and to think it was just 100 guests that were invited according to the guest list. Leo ma bloda, abeg show me the way bcos wen I grow up, I will like to be like you. Congrats sha.