These days, if anyone is looking for some funny advises, the best place to be is just social media as it has got lots of the country’s best ‘technical’ advisers anyone can ever imagine.

 Some Nigerian celebrities have been given various advice by their fans either about their home front, dress style, body structure, makeup and many other things which they find questionable.

The weekend was rather a busy one as various events took place across the state but our favourite celebrity, Biodun Okeowo better known as Omobutty, wowed many when she stepped out in a blazing gown which helped to reveal her killer curves.

Her fans who feel they could express what they were not comfortable with decided to advice the actress to slim down a bit as she was adding too much weight but aunty did not seem to find their advices very funny as she prepared her response to them.

Omobutty explained that people do not need to start crying over her body size because she is not complaining and her man enjoys it the way it is.

“Shaking my head for peeps using Ibuprofen for someone else’s pain. My shape, stature, Body is my mine and my Boo’s headache not anybody’s. Biko all the stature advisers ENOUGH!!! Na who skinny epp? Am I going for pageant? Or did my doctor’s report states “unhealthy”? Any uncomplimentary comments about my body henceforth should be kept as personal opinion not to be stated here on my page thanks. Osaro monday o!” she wrote.