Nigerian actress, Anee Icha, has granted an interview, opening up on the kind of men who appeal to her.

Anee Icha, the cute-looking actress, who joined the Nigerian movie industry over three years ago, has featured in blockbuster movies like Lara and the Beats, Before 30, Castle and Castle and more.

Anee, a Kogi State-born actress, in a recent chat told Inside Nollwood about her foray into the entertainment sector.

“I started acting three and half years ago. But this year, 2018, has been a fantastic year. For the last few months, I have been so busy, getting lots of calls to be in different movies and projects.

“My parents are fully in support of my chosen career. My father is extremely in support, but he always wants to make sure I’m okay. You know the industry is not stable yet in Nigeria. So that has been his major worry,” Anee noted.

Speaking on what she fancies in a man, Anee, a graduate of Theatre Performing Art, said, “He has to be extremely intelligent and be able to intrigue my mind, it’s very important. To unravel my mind, the man must be a lover of book because I read a lot.

“If I read a book and he reads it too, then we analyse. When you read a lot, you learn a lot. Although, I’m not after his pockets but he shouldn’t be broke. My pockets are deep enough. I don’t have any physical preference when it comes to men but he should be a man with vision.”