Nigerian actor, Jim Iyke, seem to be building his in road into politics as he has been seen pulling stunts like urinating on road sides and posting same on social media.

Now the ongoing protest to force the President to resign has offered him another opportunity to be seen in public and gravitate him towards the political divide.

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He teamed up with the convener of bring back our girls, Aish Yusuf, musician and activist, Charles Oputa also known as Charley Boy, all marched the street of Abuja, asking President Mohamadu Buhari to return to work or resigned if his health will not allow him. The hash tag #ourmumudondo has been created to push their cause under the umbrella called Coalition Of All Angry, Vexed And Frustrated Nigerian.

It is left to be since how this move and other strategies will push Jim’s ambition to transform into a politician.

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Meanwhile, Jim Iyke, former girlfriend, Sandra, has blasted young girl who risk their life’s and go out with men they hardly know anything about to clubs and restaurant; just because they crave fun, saying some of them will soon be kidnapped. The model wrote “Female will go out to eat with anybody for some free food. You are going to get kidnap one day. Hungry bitch”.

It is not clear if her advice is born out of genuine love for fellow girl or she is attacking someone who got her angry.©