Most Nigerians kids of the late 90s’ and early 2000s would remember one or two lines from the song, Kerewa, which was performed by a group called Zule Zoo.

With that song, the group etched their name on the hearts of Nigerians but those hearts are broken with the report that one of the two members of the group, is mentally unstable.

During a recent interview, the other half of the group, Ibro, revealed that his partner is mentally unstable.

The singer stated that he suddenly noticed that his partner lost his mental stability and he does not know the cause.

He concluded the interview by stating that his partner is currently battling this mental problem in Makurdi.

Micheal Aboh and Al-Hassan Ibrahim (the Zule Zoo brothers) came into limelight with their song ‘Kerewa’ in the early 2000s.

They have long shelved their music aspirations