Timi Egbuson is a young actor and younger brother to veteran actress Dakore Akande, as well as a new entrant in Nollywood who has had a good run in Nollywood with high end productions like “tinsel” and MTV’S “Shuga” but is still keeping his door open for other opportunities particularly modeling.

When asked about taking advantage of his good looks to go into modeling he replied “I feel like whatever opportunity comes my way, I will take it.

I have done a couple of adverts and all that, but then it’s something that I am actually looking forward to. People say I have a nice smile, so I am waiting for that toothpaste company to come and give me that endorsement deal.”

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The young actor also shared the role his elder sister played in molding his career “ She is like a role model. I look up to her in terms of life generally, even aside from career; she is an amazing woman. The values that she holds in life are stuffs that I have emulated.I think that’s what has brought me to where I am today. If you ask around, everyone will tell you that I am a good person, so basically, that’s what it has been.


She’s been like a role model. She was successful in acting and I saw that success is something that can happen; it is something you can sustain. You can have life; you can have everything you need. It’s like going into a career, you want to go into farming and you know a farmer that is successful. That gives you the hope, the motivation to actually dive with both feet in and see what can come out of it. So, for every step of the way, she has pushed me, she has motivated me.

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Timi Egbosun who is a native of Bayelsa State and studied Phycology at the University of Lagos trailed his growth and thanked God for the opportunities he got from “shuga”, “It has a really positive effect. Before Shuga, I have been acting. I was in Tinsel, done a few short films, gone for auditions but nothing can compare to Shuga because of its reach, 720 million homes.

The reach was astonishing and it’s a good opportunity to show myself to a lot of people, because a lot of people watch Shuga. So, from there, I hosted EbonyLife TV show, The Spot, I was lead character for Ajuwaya, which just left cinemas, and I went ahead to be in the movie, 50 The Series with my sister (Dakore) and then Isoken, which also broke records in the box office, including a lot of other stuffs.