Despite expressing his disappointment over his son, Bolu’s sexual preference, former presidential aide, Doyin Okupe, is of the belief that the tide will change one day and his son will be celebrated in Nigeria and globally.

A few days ago, his son had revealed his sexual preference when he held an LGBTQ flag with the caption, “Yes I’m Gay AF.”

Reacting to the news when Bolu made it public, Okupe while expressing his displeasure for homosexuality, said, his son is aware of the fact that he is opposed to homosexuality as it runs contrary to the avowed precepts of his Christian faith.

But following reactions from Nigerians over news of his son being gay, Okupe was compelled to share a screenshot from a magazine that shows another son of his, Dewunmi, listed among the Most Influential Africans in 2017.

He said, “This is also my son Dewunmi Okupe, one of Bolu Okupe’s five other brothers. I love all the children God has given me, Bolu inclusive. I pray for them to excel in their fields of endeavours. Bolu is not a criminal. He lives in France where homosexuality is not a crime.

“His present mindset and sexual orientation do not conform to Christian doctrine which I hold to with my life. I believe the Scriptures and the Holy Bible when it says, ‘All my children shall be for great signs and wonders in Jesus Name.’

“But I am certain that with the boldness he has made his declaration, he will still use the same attribute to serve God and boldly declare His Glory in Christ Jesus. Mark my words.”