You still  remember Tony Akposheri, popularly known as Zakky in the TV series; The New Masquerad? He is almost 29 years in marriage. The funny actor  met his wife, Anna, while on the set of drama series in the 80s.

She came to play the role of Eze’s daughter in the drama series. She was in her teens when he met her. Zakky approached her and they started dating. The rest is history. In fact, his colleagues then, Gringory Akabogu and Ovuleria, wife of Chief Zebrudaya in the New Masquerade drama series, encouraged him to propose to her.

Zakky confessed “I had nothing when I married her. Before then, there was a young millionaire suitor who was coming to ask for her hand in marriage. I was earning only N100 per episode in the New Masquerade while the lead character, Gringory, was earning N120. Then I was living in a room and parlour apartment, while her millionaire suitor had a duplex and cruising in posh cars. Things were not rosy for me then, but I think love conquers all things. She really loved me and ready to accept me for what I am.”