Nollywood filmmaker and director, Emamode Edosio, believes that the Nigerian movies are getting better in quality and production.  The Computer Science graduate who later studied at the New York Film Academy has lost friends due to the nature of his job.

Edosio said  “Nigerian films are getting a lot better. The quality in music videos is gradually creeping into films. And with time, we start seeing amazing films being produced.

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Nigeria is blessed with a lot of passionate filmmakers like Kunle Afolayan and Tunde Kelani. A lot of filmmakers are more concerned with lights and camera. I feel like more attention should be paid to story lines.

He relaxes where there is space and peace “Since my world is filled with a lot of noise, I love my peace and quiet space. I would rather watch a movie, read a book and travel than go to parties. My next trip would be to Ivory Coast. Actually, when I started directing, I lost a lot of friends due to the nature of my job and I really don’t regret it because directing made me who I’m today. It was necessary I gave up my social life to stay focus on my career. As I grew in the industry, I became familiar with what I was into. Now I can create time for my family and myself.