The ‘Watch My Ting Go’ crooner,Singer Lola Rae, is famous for her sexy personal and she is not shying away from that. The singer who was recently signed to Davido’s DMW label  has opened up on her thoughts about nudity in the music industry.

Lola said she may not agree that n00000 is encouraging. However, it is exactly what has taken over the entertainment industry because everybody wants to sell his/her song, she added. “ But it’s just a way of giving a bit different from your day to day personalities. I’m not saying one should get n0000 but you just have to give your fans the best.

For instance, the way I dress when going onstage is quite different from the way I dress on a normal day. I always like to look s00y while performing and it’s a way of giving my fans the best,”

 Lola finally confessed: I like guys that can make me laugh, genuinely kind and God-fearing because my family is very religious.”