Nollywood actress, Praise Sam Ogan have always wanted to be an actress. We mean from childhood. She was just an outspoken person when growing up, and was always called to lead kids in church.

She could act, sing and present during her childhood. So my love for the camera and the audience came from there.

However, she has this to say about fornication “I am not holy or perfect but let us face the truth, as a Christian premarital sex is known as fornication, which the holy bible is against. It is wrong. Whatever good you do, you do it for yourself. You do bad? You do it for yourself. It’s a personal race.God would still have mercy on whom he would have mercy.

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She also said “I won’t go nude not just because of what people will say, but because I have a family who is more important to me than the world at large. I can only caress. I am even scared of kissing these days because of hepatitis B and so on which kills faster than HIV. A lot of people don’t even know. I am on point with my 3-course vaccine.