Afro-Beat singer, Femi Anikulapo Kuti, is not having it nice with one of his neighbors who has come around insulting him on the fact that they don’t have electricity supply for over six weeks.


The singer, who is currently in Paris, was confronted by a neighbor known as Napoleon, as he claimed that Femi, has chosen not to speak about the way the Power officials were delaying bringing a new transformer to the area.

The singer was accused base on the fact that he was newly connected to the transformer and yet has refused to lend his voice with other occupants of the area to call on the power company which will likely hasten their job.

Read their conversation below;

Napoleon: Femi Kuti and today, you decided to port to the next transformer instead of putting heads together with the Landlords to find a solution

Femi Kuti: Mr Napoleon of Akute Nigeria first of all I’m not in town Secondly why are you always waiting 4 sm1 2 fight for you? Are you a baby?

Furious Femi questioned the guy calling him out by asking what is father was doing when Fela’s house was burnt down. “He’s high on cheap drugs maybe. Fela won’t run gen. When they were burning Fela’s house his father was doing what?”

Napoleon: femi kuti I never asked you to fight for me, I was born a warrior the day ever since I cut through my mother’s placenta.

Femi Kuti: Then stop crying like a baby to me

Napoleon: femi kuti the neighbourhood is utterly disgusted with you unperturbed silence despite the persistent blackout we’ve been riddled with.

Femi Kuti: You and your neighbors can’t be well then. Better be disgusted with the people they voted for.

Napoleon: femi kuti you were around when the transformer parked up 6 weeks ago as you just only travelled 2 weeks ago.

Femi Kuti: Keep keeping track of me instead of those you voted for o.

Napoleon: femi kuti Our disgust for you attained it’s summit when you decided to port to the transformer on the next street, bearing in mind that when you moved to this neighbourhood that you don’t even know the name, you got ported to our transformer.

Femi: Port too then. Sorry it’s your father’s area come and kick me out.