Peeshaun, one half of pop duo, Skuki shared a few tips via social media on how to make a relationship work, emphasising the need to put effort, maintaining a level of discreteness and also being creative.

 According to hi, for relationships to work, you’ve got to put effort in them, there’s also no need to necessarily reveal your past to a new partner.

The relationship gospel according to Peeshaun:

1) A lot of people go into relationships, even marriages thinking that it would automatically work itself- No! If you don’t want your relationship to hit STAGNANCY, then you have to put in work.

2) At all times, be yourself- YES! But be your creative-self. There are so many little things we can do to make our partners happy, to at least cushion the times when our opinions don’t align at all.

“The absence of creativity, is the presence of boredom”- ‘Peeshaun 2016’.

3) Never bring old problems into a new relationship. The negative vibes you got in your last relationship must vanish with it. Don’t try correcting the mistakes you made with your ex, by being paranoid with your next.

4) It is common that partners ask about each other’s past, wanting to know what the other has done before their hook up.

Word of caution: I agree that you should be open, and by all means be honest, but if there are some immature things you’ve done, and you’ve outgrown them, then narrate your story… but minimize the details, downplay the facts.

Examples: If your ‘new’ girl asks if you ever cheated on your ex, and even tho EFCC is currently looking for you cos of how much you cheated, my brother, tell her you didn’t. If you didn’t own up to your ex (the person you cheated on gangan) then why open up to your ‘new’ all in the name of sharing past.

If you are a girl and your new man asks if you ever gave ur ex BFs a b*** job. If u have done it, then say you have done it, but don’t go describing how intensely you engaged in it. Even if you know you can blow pass Boko Harram, just say ‘yea I did it a couple of times’- kpam!

NOTE: Every guy wants a good girl, that’s bad for only him and every girl wants a bad guy who is good to only her.

“In a new relationship don’t go over-detailing your past. Who past epp?” – ‘Peeshaun 2016’.

There are a thousand more things we can discuss under this topic, but let’s take these few points for now.