Stand up Comedian, Bashiru Ahmed, popularly known as Bash, in a chat with squealed that would never have married a Nigerian woman.

According to the father of two who has been married to a Togolese for over 10 years, most Nigerian women lack what it takes to make a good wife.

” Honestly, i would never have married a Nigerian woman. Quote me anywhere, Nigerian woman hardly makes good wives. My wife is not a Nigerian and we have been living fine for over 10 years. 

However, i know what Nigerian women need, they should understand that men are polygamous in nature, they are certain things you can change about a man. That is the main reason i’m trying to put up an event for married couples only, to educate them on how to live a healthy married life.

Marriage is sweet, but you understand yourselves well and also the basics of a good relationship.” he said.

Bash is a graduate of Lagos State University, whose recent comedy show, The Good, The Bash and The Funny shook the Nigerian comedy industry.‎