ION International film festival plans to hold the 2009 edition of its festival in Nigeria.

The Creative Director of Ion International, Ms Ilaria Chessa, said the International festival which is a touring film festival aimed at celebrating diversity and unity, arts and culture started from Hollywood to Dubai and would be in Nigeria for the sixth edition of the annual festival.

According to her, the five-day film festival which is expected to hold between December 2 and 5th 2009, in Nigeria, would attract film producers, documentary, animation, original screenplays and music videos producers, since it is expected to honour and promote individuals for their outstanding achievements as well as encouragement of new artists.

Ms Chessa said each year, ION International film festival is held in different locations as part of efforts to promote global awareness and unity, stressing that ION moved from Hollywood in 2007, to Dubai in 2008, Nigeria 2009, while Istanbul would have its turn in 2010.

“ION strives to bring awareness to individuals and organisations that are creating socially relevant films to positively impact on the globe”, she stated, adding that the 2009 version in Nigeria would create an opportunity to celebrate the local and international film talents.