In a press statement by the Head of Media and Corporate Communications, Dr Felix Ale and NSRDA, they appealed to the general public not to panic, urging them not to observe the eclipse with naked eyes, as this can cause damage

Reports has it that there will be a partial eclipse with an obscurity of 60 per cent, and the first contact at about 7:17am, with maximum eclipse at 8:32am and end at 10:00am

It was Also revealed that Lagos will experience its first contact with the eclipse at 7:15am, with a maximum eclipse occurring at 8:32am and ending at about 10:00am

It has been advised that the general public shouldn’t risk viewing eclipse with naked eyes but with specially designed instruments provided by the space Agency or stay indoor instead.

Tomorrow, 1st of September the viewing center opened by the Agency will be open to the public on Thursday 1st September, 2016 from 6:45am for students to observe the annular eclipse. 

Meanwhile, an eclipse normally occurs when the Moon moves in front of the Sun but does not cover the Sun’s discs completely.