Nigerian rapper CDQ has revealed how bribe-seeking Customs officers drove him to an ATM, despite almost getting him killed along the Ibadan expressway.

According to the rapper, ‘W hat baffles me the most is that they asked me stop right on d express in the middle of the night with guns in mufti and a trailer coming behind hit my car yet as I was trying to escape d trailer to avoid more damages the customs started shooting and my car front tyre got busted.

I mean it was horrible… something terrible could have happened’.

He added that, ‘I’ve never seen people been so inhuman in my life after messing my car up they still followed us close to the show venue in Ibadan and asked my manager to come down from d vehicle to withdraw money for them at d atm machine after collecting all the cash with him initially…

Their vehicle number was CS207 at Ibadan toll-gate’.