I do not think this musical celeb, African China made a mistake by uttering this speech, as we all know truely that the government of this country in recent times has shown lack of expected capacity and ability to live up to his responsibilities.

You could perceive and vividly see it without putting on spectacle that the timeless hardship Nigerians are experiencing is seriously outrageous as this is outrightly been coming unbearable, and this has prompted one of Nigeria’s biggest and respected reggae pop singer Chinagorom Onuoha,popularly known as African China to come out emphantically to condemn this unworthy act of these leaders towards the citizens of this country, in Nigriefilms.com’s discussion with African China in an evening of cool and calm amosphere at China town,in Festac, a popular estate in Lagos State he said’ I have said this,and i will keep saying it again and again, the government we have in this country is not for the people but against the people, the people we call leaders are not leaders but liars, Nigerians are in a big mess and this has to stop,this is what I sang some years back in one of my albums that our government is bad, and this perverse situations still continue to exist’.

This international multiple award Singer, is one artiste that cannot be commonized in the Nigerian entertainment scene, as he has been in the limelight for over 18years,and virtually all his songs have changed and touched lives positively, treating topical issues in this country which generated alot of controversy in the air and landed him in prison, the Orile grown up musical star suffered alot of criticism from the government and leaders of this country when he released songs like Crises,Mr president and so on.

The Barber turned celebrity today who is nothing but a preacher and a freedom fighter through his music has never stopped condemning the dirty and smelly acts of the Nigerian politicians and leaders he said ” for how long would our leaders keep talking about fixing of power while Ghana and Togo close to us here are celebrating constant electricity supply in their countries, I see no reason the government cannot provide employment for us, I see no reason why we should be facing day to day security threats in this country, no good roads,food no dey,water no dey, instead of the police guiding the citizens,they are riding them,how long would we continue like this,if I talk them go say China don start again”. China who has not relented in singing meaningful songs, said that he would be releasing some tracks this year for Nigerians to get that feelings that someone is still available as usual to speak out their minds to the public for their leaders to listen, through music.

He said “no effeciency in this nation,we are just suffering from government deficiency”. In the quest of making him ponder on certain on air issues,he said”that was then,gone are those days government of this country threatened me with all sort of statements and actions,do not allow me to reminisce, I am now grown, those ones are gone my journalist,I do not want to talk much on those past events, I remain who I am,I am not afraid of anyone”.

He therefore implores his passionate fans to keep supporting him and make sure they make God their first priority in all their endeavours in life.