A couple of calls,several messages,absolute patience,relentless efforts,proper assurance and verifications were made before the energetic,stylish,talented, gallant and ever glowing veteran gospel music sensation,Esther Igbekele,could speak with Nigeriafilms.com.

The renowned gospel music idol revealed why she has no interest in grant interviews to any Journalist. She advised that modern day journalism, most especially the print and social media,to properly scrutinize their write- ups before rushing to the press.

Igbekele added that proper investigations are not made before some stories are publicized ,She said alot of untrue stories have been written about her and same were disseminated to the public as true ones. Igbekele noted that eventually,when she found out such stories,she was dissarpointed and unhappy with the media.

She therefore advised the press to make proper verifications and investigations before any story is written for publication. Speaking on her anticipated album titled ‘master planner’, a six tracker album already released and currently making waves in the country,the queen of gospel music assured her fans of quality songs and videos as she would be investing talent,skills and money on her career while travelling within and outside the country to shoot quality and high definition videos worth millions of naira for the enjoyment of music lovers.

According to her,’ videos shot in this present world have gone beyond shooting beside a flower,if you intend shooting videos,shoot quality videos that will trend and people would appreciate, I pray God will strengthen me because right now I am an artiste without any promoter and sponsor,I do virtually everything on my own,and for a self-sponsored musician like me,it takes hard work and grace of God almighty to achieve my desired dreams’.

The petty young looking mother of three implored her fans to keep supporting and patronizing her songs.She also extended appreciations to her crew and band members whom God has released into her care to keep the moving train progressing.

The Lagos born gospel icon attributed her energetic performance to God almighty,stating that her energetic performance at any event is based on the enthusiasm and passion she has for her career.