Two members of a family were said to have been killed by the “phone call of death”. A group of concerned artists are taking steps to combat the “Killer GSM numbers” rumour, which has nowbeen running for several weeks. According to a recent press release issued by the Total Films Public Affairs Manager, a new Nigerian movie titled Abuja Lowo Wa is currently being shot to unravel the genesis of the rumour.

The rumour currently circulating among the credulous Nigerian populace has it that a number of people have died after receiving calls from their mobile phones. As ridiculous this may sound, the rumour has spread even within the circles of otherwise reasonable people. The movie industry, according to the release, remains one of the major effective media through which the public can be reassured that mobile phones are safe for use.

The film, currently being shot on locations in Abuja and Lagos, attempts to unravel the mystery of the “Killer GSM numbers”. According to Tunde Olaosebikan, an author of several children books as well as a known script-writer with NTA, FRCN and the Voice of Nigeria, the film will shock Nigerians when they realise that the rumour started from a mere failed business call received by an Abuja-based business man.